Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Pioneer 12-Nach uns die Nachwelt: Elektronische Musik für intelligentes Leben

Die letzte Volxvergnuegen-Party am 5. Februar war wirklich phänomenal. Robosapien hielt ein Pläuschchen mit Punk-Anton aus dem Marat, Bass.Schickeria tanzten Polonaise durch die tobende Meute und man konnte seine Wünsche an die Aliens in einer Plastikkugel an die NASA senden. Hier der Wortlaut des Anschreibens:

Dear NASA!

In 1972, you launched Pioneer 10 into space, carrying an aluminium plaque on its hull depicting man and woman and a star chart that would enable intelligent life forms to find our planet Earth.

Aboard 1977's Voyager space craft was a golden audiovisual disc with more in-depth information about Earth and its inhabitants, including sounds of whales and some spoken greetings.

It's time to take the next step. We, a culture collective based in Munich, Germany, have organised a party called „Pioneer 12: Electronic Music For Intelligent Life“, where attendants could write their hopes, dreams and wishes on a piece of paper and put it into a smug little plastic ball which we have thus collected.

We now present the fruit of our labor to you, the greatest Space Agency of the free world, so you can carry the imagination of an entire generation into space on your next scheduled trip, so that other intelligent lifeforms will hopefully pick them up and get interested in coming over.

With the best regards and an enthusiastic „Spaceward Ho!“

Department of Volxvergnuegen and the youth of Munich

P.S.: If you're, for whatever reasons, not interested in sending our balls into space, please be so kind to send them back to us so we can send them to the Russians or the Chinese.

Und hier gibts einen Mitschnitt der Bass.Schickeria-Peformance

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